Screen Printing

Benefits of screen printing

Foil Printing

Add a shine to your design using coloured foil transfers. Foil creates a polished mirror like effect that reflects light and glimmers when light hits the print. We have various colour options available, with gold and silver being the most popular.

Simulated Process

Print a full-colour image on light or dark garments using our simulated process printing technique. For images like photos, gradients and blending, and full colour artwork, simulated process prints your artwork by separating your artwork into 6 to 9 spot colours.

Four Colour Process

Print a full-colour image on light garments only using our four-color process technique. For images like photos, gradients, and full colour artwork, four-colour process prints your artwork by separating your artwork into 4 spot colours.

Metallic Ink

If your design calls for a subtle metallic finish without a polished or reflective print like foil, metallic inks are available in up to 14 different colours.

Glow in the Dark

Illuminate your design using our specially formulated glow-in-the-dark ink. Best for printing over the white or light colours in your design. The glow ink will add a slightly green tinge to your design and it will glow when taken into dark areas.

Discharge Ink

Ideal for soft-hand prints on both light and dark garments. Using discharge ink removes the pigment that is dyed into the fabric while replacing it with a new color, leaving the fabrics soft feel. When printing discharge you must use 100% cotton garments and expect a slight colour variation when pantone matching.

Water Based Ink

Excellent for soft-hand prints on light coloured garments. Uses water based ink that soaks into the fabric of the garment, leaving no heavy ink deposit like plastisol ink. Water based inks do not achieve as vibrant as a print as plastisol so they are excellent for distressed and retro prints.

Soft Hand Ink

Uses plastisol ink with a soft-hand additive and a high mesh screen to achieve a softer plastisol print. This print will be less vibrant than normal plastisol, but will have a softer feel and a retro look.

Distressed Printing

For the ultimate retro and vintage look, use distressed printing. By adding a distressed pattern to your artwork and by using soft-hand or water-based ink, we can mimic the look of a worn-out t-shirt print.

Over the Zipper

Printing over-the-zipper is a challenging print that most print shops avoid doing. We offer over the zipper printing for 1-2 colour prints.

Tonal Printing

Printing that achieves a lighter or darker tone then the colour of the shirts it’s being printed on. Can be done with clear, water-based, or plastisol inks. Great for a soft-hand vintage looking print.

Pantone Matching

With our PMS Pantone matching service, you can match any colour in the pantone colour spectrum book. Just specify a pantone colour number and we will professionally match the colour using plastisol ink.