Direct to Garment

Benefits of Direct to Garment

Full Colour on Light Garments

DTG printing on white or light colour shirts is the most cost effective printing method for printing multi-colour or photo images on under 100 garments. We offer excellent pricing on light coloured printing with no setup charges and the prints will feel soft and have excellent print quality.

Full Colour on Dark Garments

DTG printing on dark coloured shirts is a great way to print multi-colour or full colour images on under 50 garments. Pricing is not as cost effective as printing on whites and because water-based ink is used, it’s not as vibrant as screen-printing.

Oversized DTG Prints

Standard DTG prints are between 14” wide and 14” in height, however we offer oversized printing from 16” wide x 18” wide. These prints can be pricey, but it’s the best way to print oversized full colour prints on fewer than 100 garments.

Vintage DTG Prints

The water-based ink used in DTG printing makes is ideal for printing distressed or vintage looking artwork. DTG prints leave a soft feel and capture detail exceptionally well, making this an ideal way to print vintage on smaller orders.