What We Do

Core Services

decades of experience with the latest technologies and newest equipment

Screen Printing

Our goal at Sterling Screen Printing is to provide our customers with superior quality screen-printing, at affordable prices, with guaranteed delivery dates. Our screen-printing facility is state-of-the-art and is staffed by screen-printing experts. We offer standard bright colour plastisol screen printing as well as a number of speciality printing options, which can be used to achieve different looks and feels for your garments.

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Direct to Garment

Direct to garment or digital printing, is a print method that uses specially formatted inkjet printers that prints ink directly onto a garment. This method of printing is exceptional at reproducing full-colour or photographic images onto garments. Unlike screen printing, where the number of colours per print affects the price, direct to garment printing pricing is dependent on the size of print on the shirt. Direct to garment printing is ideal for short runs of printing that use multiple colours in the artwork.

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Embroidery uses stitched thread to reproduce your logo or design on a garment. Embroidery is ideal for decorating high-value garments such as jackets, hats, toques, polo shirts, and fleece. All of our embroidery is done in-house using high-end Tajima brand embroidery equipment, which ensures your embroidery project will have a retail quality professional look. We offer standard embroidery as well as speciality options, which can be used to achieve different looks and feels for your garments.

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Vinyl material that is cut into shapes, letters, or numbers and heat pressed into any type of garment or material. We use stock coloured vinyl or special vinyl that can be printed on and pressed into a garment. Vinyl is ideal for full colour prints, jersey names and numbers, jackets, and performances wear. It leaves a silky, soft, matte finish, which is both stretchable and durable in the wash.

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Specialty Services

fully integrated specialty services to meet all your product design requirements

Printed Tags

Add your own custom branding to your apparel and improve the overall finish, by adding custom neck tags. We remove the existing tag from your shirt and print a custom screen-printed tag.

Size Stickers

For online retail distribution, having size stickers on your garments makes it easy for those fulfilling orders to identify the shirt size. It also adds a level of professionalism to your apparel.

Poly Bagging

Folding and bagging is service we offer to increase the value or retail products. We fold and bag your garments in individual poly bags to protect them from the elements and to keep them from wrinkling.

Hem Tags

Brand your shirts and add a retail quality look to your apparel by sewing on a custom designed hem tag to the bottom hem or sleeve of your garments. It’s a great value addition for your customers.

Hang Tags

Spread a message about your apparel and continue to build your brand by adding custom printed hang tags to your garments. We offer both hang tagging and hang tag printing as a service.