About Us

Toronto's most trusted printer for over 25 years

We specialize in screen printing, DTG, Vinyl & Embroidery

Sterling Screen Printing is the most trusted source for screen printing and custom apparel in Toronto. Over the last twenty five years, we’ve grown to be able to service clients all over Canada.

Our secret to why we have been successful for 25 years is that we have always maintained a very strong relationship with all of our clients. Other companies may offer similar products and services, however our pricing, turnaround, print quality, and wide array of customization services, set us apart from all other printing companies.

Our t-shirt printing facility in Toronto is state-of-the-art and we are constantly improving and adding equipment to increase our production capabilities. Our facility is fully automated as to assure consistency. We operate ten automatic t-shirt screen printing presses for larger runs and two manual presses for samples and test prints. We have the capability to screen print up to 16-colours and output of over 100,000 garments per day. We also offer direct to garment printing and printed vinyl to print full colour artwork. Additionally, we do embroidery for high-end garment decoration.

From all of us here at Sterling Screen Printing we look forward to working with you on your next t-shirt printing and custom apparel project.

Our Equipment

  • Automatic Screen Printing Equipment
  • 2019 M&R 16-Colour Stryker
  • 2015 M&R 12-Colour Gauntlet III
  • 2017 M&R 10-Colour Sportsman
  • 2015 M&R 10-Colour Sportsman
  • 2013 M&R 10-Colour Sportsman
  • 2017 M&R 8-Colour Sportsman
  • 2013 M&R 8-Colour Sportsman
  • 2012 Anatol 9-Colour Horizon
  • 2014 M&R 6-Colour Diamond Back
  • 2015 AESP Rapid Tag - Label Printer
  • Direct-to-Garment Printers
  • 2019 Kornit AVKHD
  • 2018 Kornit AVKHD
  • 2018 Kornit AVKHD
  • 2018 Storm 1000
  • 2017 Storm HEXA
  • 3 x 2014 Brother GT3 Direct to Garment Printer
  • Pre Press Equipment
  • Uni-Kote Automatic Screen Coater
  • Eco-Rinse Automatic Screen Wash Out
  • I-Image ST-II Direct to Screen Printer
  • M&R Tri-Loc
  • Other Screen Printing Equipment
  • M&R 4-Colour Kruzer Manual Press
  • M&R 4-Colour Kruzer Manual Press
  • 2019 Amscomatic Automatic Folding Machine
  • Embroidery
  • 2014 Tajima 4-Head Embroidery Machine
  • 2014 Tajima 6-Head Embroidery Machine
  • 2003 Tajima 6-Head Embroidery Machine
  • 2001 Tajima 4-Head Embroidery Machine
  • 2015 Tajima 1-Head Embroidery Machine
  • 2014 Tajima 1-Head Embroidery Machine